(Anonymous) 2017-04-25 12:29 pm (UTC)(link)
[It's been a long day. Shendu, a rather successful Chinese crime lord, just wanted to get home, have a hot bath and go to sleep. A trading mix up (caused by the usual 3 troublemakers) had caused a stand off. Accusations of purposely creating an unfair trade were shouted and guns were drawn. Shendu needed supplies, not deadmen (even if they were close to useless). He had noone available at the time (anyone he trusted anyway) to handle the situation so he had to defuse the scene himself. Unfortunately the situation was a long way from his headquarters so most of the time was travel. To apologise for the mix up he had to give more on his end. This of course, put Shendu in a VERY bad mood.
He was making his way down the hallway of his home. "Finally" he thought to himself. The day was almost over but if anything, even the smallest thing goes wrong from now to when he gets to his bed, he's going to lose it.]