whitehairedprettyboy: (excuse me?)
Valmont ([personal profile] whitehairedprettyboy) wrote in [community profile] vethbox2017-04-09 03:37 pm
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in which Satanick is tired | Satanimont + topping

Oh, I'm sorry. You're tired?

[ Not that this was a statement Satanick likely expected Valmont to take very well, and Valmont knows that being amused at his reactions was probably half the point, but that doesn't stop him from being pissed off anyway. ]

Forgive me for not having realized what a hardship it must be for you to show up whenever you want, do whatever you want to me, and not once give any sort of a damn about my opinions on the matter! How utterly insensitive I've been!

[ Discerning ears may be able to detect a hint of sarcasm. ]

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