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in which Satanick is tired | Satanimont + topping

Oh, I'm sorry. You're tired?

[ Not that this was a statement Satanick likely expected Valmont to take very well, and Valmont knows that being amused at his reactions was probably half the point, but that doesn't stop him from being pissed off anyway. ]

Forgive me for not having realized what a hardship it must be for you to show up whenever you want, do whatever you want to me, and not once give any sort of a damn about my opinions on the matter! How utterly insensitive I've been!

[ Discerning ears may be able to detect a hint of sarcasm. ]
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[Being amused at Valmont's reactions is three-quarters of the point, and it gets Satanick to chuckle despite how worn out he genuinely feels.]

Unfortunately, spending time with you isn't my job~ I do actually have to rule a world, and sometimes that's tiring! Most jobs are.
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I'll mess up my sleep schedule if I just sleep all day, it's the same as for humans.

[Amazingly, even devils need to take care of their health a little.]
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[He is correct, of course.]

Don't be silly! That'd be too much effort. I want you to top tonight.
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Why not?

[He sounds genuinely confused, though he's quick to add-]

Other than you 'not wanting to sleep with me'. Actual reasons.

[...Satanick, that should probably count as an actual reason.]
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Oh, that's too bad.

[Despite saying so, Satanick doesn't show any signs of moving.]

Wellll, I don't want to have come all this way for no reason, so I guess tonight's the night we try out the tentacle clothing. I thought topping would be more fun for you, but if you're so set against it...
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I'm glad you came around ♥ That's more fun for me too~

[Not that Satanick wouldn't genuinely enjoy Valmont being molested by his own clothing, but he wouldn't directly get pleasure out of it, so of course it's more fun to actually have sex with him.

He kind of figured that Valmont would change his mind when Satanick brought that up, but it's not like it would be a huge loss if he didn't, either.]

Don't keep me waiting ♥
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[Very sexy. Satanick strips himself of his clothes with little fuss, and doesn't bother to hide his leering at naked Valmont. But when does he ever, really.]

You are the worst top, you know.

[Said while still checking him out.]
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The tentacle clothes are still on the table.

[Valmont has choices! They are just not very fun choices, and none of them include Satanick shutting up.]

But alright, I'll be nice.
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[You'd think Satanick might be slightly offended that Valmont doesn't get hard just by looking at him naked - and, well, you'd be right except that he tortures people on the regular and they have some issues with arousal, too. He's used to it.

Still, Valmont kissing him instead of the other way around is very pleasing, and Satanick hums cheerfully into the kiss, meeting it with every bit of force Valmont puts into it. He doesn't wrap his arms around Satanick yet, letting him lead, or have the semblance of leading.

If being rough is how Valmont likes to be dominant, Satanick won't complain ♥]