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like... y'know, nyah | Valkov + catboying

[ What sets it off isn't anything particularly out of the ordinary. It's a lazy afternoon at their apartment and Raikov has taken to playing with Valmont's hair, which Valmont lets him do with a minimum of fuss because, well, it feels really good. He's still not entirely used to trusting someone enough to let them put their hands all over his precious hair, but Raikov's good with his hands (isn't he always?), and it's soothing, and he's comfortable. If there were a list of things Valmont hadn't known he was missing out on before this relationship... well, it would be a long list, but this feeling would be pretty close to the top.

So: yes, he's comfortable, nestling against Raikov on the couch, eyes half-closed as his partner's fingers brush through his unponytailed hair and over his scalp. And it's at about this time that a sort of low, rhythmic rumbling noise begins to make itself heard. It might be easy to miss at first, but as the minutes pass, the volume of the noise intensifies, to the point where Raikov probably has a decent idea what it is and where it's coming from.

Yeah, Valmont's definitely purring. And he doesn't seem to have noticed.

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[That is... indeed interesting. Raikov raises an eyebrow, staying silent for now, curious to when Val's going to notice he's... purring. But he does begin scratching behind his ears, glancing at the man's expression.

Because that's what one should do in this situation, right? Instead of addressing the issue, make it worse.]