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Congratulations to the winners of last month's Pot of Gold!

All that biking was kind of a workout, wasn't it? Let's relax this month with the girls of Class 2-He, whose lives tend to be a little more sedate... if a lot more deeply weird.

The object of the Pot of Gold is to complete different "tasks" that will be different every month. You'll get small rewards for completing them individually, but receive bonuses if you manage to complete all of them. How much of the rainbow can you complete?

- Everything collected and turned in for these tasks must be done and logged in between January 1 and January 31, 2016. So you've only got one month!

- When commenting here after completing a task, make sure you label your subject with "Completed", as well as the number of the task you finished. Also, make sure you let me know if you've completed all of them so I can give you your extra reward!

- Please give me a link to your logs with every comment you make. Also, make sure you link me all the stuff that I need to check.

- I might be able to pass out most of the prizes (excluding the grand prize) before the end of the month, so please tell me (with a note in your subject or comment) if you want them earlier.

- Pot of Gold tasks can only be turned in when the round is open, so that means that after 12:01PM CET on January 31, you can't turn in anything even if your tasks were completed and logged in January! Even if you were on hiatus. It's just like with normal games, you can't reply to them once the round closes. If you need to fix a link or clarify something after this time, please reply to your comment; do not edit your comment after the deadline!

- Also, most of the prizes you obtain from Pot of Gold are valid for a set period of time. Special deck donations, however, are an exception - think of them as tickets that you can turn in regardless of when it was won.

The theme of this month's Pot of Gold is SAYONARA ZETSUBOU-SENSEI!

Kiri is a hikikomori, which means she never leaves the house... or in this case, the school. Let's help her get out more by visiting the various services around Colors!

Use four different services this month.

↪ Services are Art Shop, Art Studio, Deck Donations, Levels, Masteries, and Recycled Art.
↪ Masteries can count for both this task and the brown task!

Prizes: 5 random cards

Abiru has an obsession with pulling animals' tails... even if it's an animal that's likely to maul her afterwards. Especially if it's likely to maul her afterwards. If we can redirect her obsession towards pixel cards, it'll probably be a lot safer for all involved.

Submit 3 cards of characters with tails.

↪ The tail doesn't have to be visible in the picture, as long as the character has one.
↪ The cards don't have to be received in January.
↪ You will lose these cards.

Prizes: 4 random cards

Kafuka sees something positive in everyone, even if she has to deny reality to do it. Maybe she's a little too positive sometimes... or all the time... but still, we could all benefit from channeling a little of that Kafuka spirit!

Compliment 3 fellow Colors members.

↪ The compliments can be posted anywhere their recipients will see it, as long as it's somewhere you can link to.
↪ If you don't know who to pick, you could always thank some mods for their hard work!

Prizes: 7 random cards

As a recent immigrant, Maria sometimes feels out of place in Japan. Maybe what she needs is some other foreigners to commiserate with!

Submit 4 cards of non-Japanese characters, earned in January.

↪ The characters don't have to be human or live in our world.
↪ Please link to where you received them!
↪ You will lose these cards.

Prizes: 5 random cards

Nami is just as cool and interesting as all the other girls in her class! And to prove it, she's going to get a whole bunch of cards this month... What, really, that's the whole task? How normal.

Level up OR gain 100 cards this month.

↪ Cards can be gained through games or services.
↪ You don't have to gain them all at once, as long as they all add up to 100 cards!
↪ All games/services rewarded in January count, even if your original comment was posted in December.
↪ Please link to where you gained the cards or leveled up!

Prizes: 5 random cards

Harumi's passion in life is drawing boys' love doujinshi. She's getting tired of the same old pairings, though - let's give her some inspiration!

Submit 2 cards of male characters and create a fanwork about them!

↪ The fanwork can be, and is encouraged to be, as low-effort and nonsensical as possible.
↪ The characters don't have to be from the same series, make sense as a pairing, or be IC in any way.
↪ All formats of fanwork are acceptable: fic, art, dollmakers, pasting their heads on other characters, stick figures...
↪ The cards don't have to be received in January.
↪ You will lose these cards.

Prizes: 7 random cards + 2 crayons

So Matoi's a little obsessed with Itoshiki-sensei. So she has the unnerving tendency to appear from behind him at any given moment. That's no reason to label her a stalker, right? She's merely expressing her deep love!

Show your deep love for 3 characters by mastering their decks. If you write a sentence about why you like each character, you'll also get one crayon for each!

↪ The decks must be character decks, not special decks.
↪ The mastery comment(s) must be posted in January.
↪ One crayon per character, even if you write more than one sentence about them.
↪ Masteries can count for both this task and the red task!

Prizes: 4 random cards (+ up to 3 crayons)

Chiri is unfailingly committed to - some might say "fanatical about" - order, precision, and symmetry. So while, as the de facto class rep, she'd like you to get out there and interact with people, by god you're going to do it properly!

Trade with 5, 10, or 15 people, and give gifts to the same number.

↪ These can overlap - if you both trade with someone and gift them in January, they'll count for both.
↪ Gifts can be cards or crayons.

• 5 people → 5 random cards
• 10 people → 6 random cards
• 15 people → 7 random cards + 1 crayon
table coding by [personal profile] despedia

You can earn up to a total of 44 random cards and 6 crayons for completing the tasks for this month!

Completing all the tasks will earn you an additional 10 random cards, 2 random crayons and the GRAND PRIZE!


Grand Prize A: +1 card for 4 crayons at Art Shop
Grand Prize B: Half price for 6 specials at Art Shop (1 crayon each, must be one of the deck's colors)

You must present your coupon when collecting! Make sure to keep track of how many times you've used it.

You have until January 31 at 12:01PM CET to complete these tasks. Good luck!

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