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dumb Valkov angst in FC-verse

He remembers now. He wishes he didn't, because given the choice he'd much rather have his partner back here, with him, instead of the mocking memory of a name. But that's what he gets. So he remembers.

And he's not going to let himself forget again.

Easier said than done, he knows. The Witch can take and give names at will - it's almost insulting how easily this one came back to him, not seconds after he'd realized its owner was gone. His own name, which he knows he should know because it belongs to the other person he cares about most in the world, still dies out on his tongue when he tries to summon it. No, he can't trust memory on this one.

So he writes it down. He buys a notebook, and when that one runs out of space, he buys another. And he writes, in neat handwriting that grows increasingly less neat as it progresses, pressing down so hard at times his pencil rips through the pages, Ivan, Ivan, Ivan...

Even as he does, he knows it's pointless. The Witch's powers surely extend to written names as well as remembered ones, and he wouldn't be at all surprised to wake up one morning and find the notebooks as blank as the small, precious space in his memory. A few torn pages the only reminder that there was ever a name there at all.

But for now, he remembers. Because that's all he can do.